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Olicana® hops feedback

Olicana ® hops feedback

We’ve used English hop varieties Olicana and Jester from CharlesFaram for our first brew. Damn, big hits of grapefruit and orange peel coming through already. Biggest hitting UK hops I’ve experienced so far.

First taste of trial number 1. Pleased with this as a starting point. Peaches on the front end, floating on smooth pillowy goodness drifting into tangy orange and grapefruit from the Olicana & Jester hops from CharlesFaram

– Trig Point Brewing

Lovely floral hop, notes of British summer fruit

– Wensleydale Brewery

We also used Olicana in the Hopstand and Olicana pellets in the dry hop. Good texture from the oats, fairly subtle flavours compared to New World hops, but the final beer is a nice in-between beer (somewhere between a traditional pale and a modern pale) Not over powering, fruity flavours, notes of green apple and either cherry or strawberry. Would like to try some of the modern style experimental hops in pellet form, it makes it easier to dry hop! We really tried to push this in the more modern beer style, hazy, plenty of oats for mouthfeel and low bitterness.      

-Twice Brewed Brew House

This is not a traditional English IPA. It uses some new, cryo-esk versions of Jester and Olicana (UK hops). There’s still some herbal and hedgerow notes, but by Jiminy, it’s got tropical fruit as well!

– Boxcar

This photo contains the characteristics of the Olicana hop variety