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Alpha Acid

Beta Acid


Oil composition

Myrcene: 20-35%, Humulene: 35-48%, Farnesene: Trace

Total Oil

Flavour Intensity

Golding Belgium

Use in brewing

A traditional English aroma variety valued for its smooth (almost sweet), delicate, slightly spicy aroma that produces the classic Golding finish.
As with Fuggle, it forms the basis of many well-known and respected recipes.


Golding (USA), WGV, EKG


Goldings have been grown in England for over 100 years and, as with Fuggles, were named after the grower who developed them.

The variety includes clones that differ in maturity and it is therefore possible to spread picking over the whole of the harvest period.

In 1995 Goldings were planted in the USA for the first time, initial results have been good.


Golding is a moderate to high yielding aroma variety that is grown in Herefordshire and Worcestershire and East Kent, both areas are under pressure from wilt infection to which Golding is particularly susceptible.

The acreage has increased over the last few years due to demand for this variety. It is susceptible to Downy and Powdery Mildew and particularly sensitive to Verticillium Wilt.


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